Things you need to know:

What to do after getting Inked!

  1. Remove the bandage after 3 hours. if the bandage sticks get into a warm shower and allow the water to loosen the bandage till it falls off. gently was the area thoroughly with mild soap and water. then pat dry with a lint free towel.
  2. Use a gloved or clean hand to apply a thin and we mean thin layer of ointment to the tattoo.
  3. Wear lightweight loose fitting clothing over your new ink. especially if you work around grease, oil, dirt, etc… keep it clean people AND REMEMBER THAT dirt is Satan’s litter box.
  4. Use a sun screen of at lest SPF 25.
  5. Make sure if anything dirty touches it that you clean the area right away.
  6. As your tat heals it will scab, become wrinkled and have a white sheen to it. This is all part of the normal healing process.

   Our machines are our brushes and your flesh is our canvas. We will strive to put a masterpiece on you. But all our work we be for nothing if you do not follow proper after care. You just spent a lot of time, money and pain getting it why would you waste it.

    We take great pride in maintaining a clean and safe environment. We us all disposable products so your visit with us is as sterile as possible. Follow these simple rules and your ink will look good till the grave.

What Not to do after getting inked!

  1. DO NOT apply ointments to heavily. Your skin needs air to breath just like your lungs.
  2. DO NOT re-bandage your tattoo. Again it needs to breath to heal properly. Can your lungs get air if your put a plastic bag over your head…. I think not!
  3. DO NOT rub, scratch or pick at your tattoo. A tattoo is an open wound so it will scab. Scabbing is good but picking at them is not.
  4. DO NOT expose your tat to direct sunlight or tanning beds for at-least 3 weeks after getting it.
  5. DO NOT soak or submerge your tat for at least 3 weeks after getting it. Saltwater, chlorine and the sun will bleach out and fade your new ink.
  6. DO NOT get love juice on your tat. If you get your ink in an area we call the fun zone please use caution. It will be affected by any-type of sexual contact and must be avoided for the 2 to 3 weeks while it heals. Yes yes we know that blows but all your sweaty love juice can increase the risk of an infection. Getting an infection is bad enough but an infection in your no no area ranks in my top two most horrific life experiences. Just practice safe sex….

Do not wait if you see red streaks coming out of your tat. if the skin is hot to the touch, has green, pussy or smelly drainage these are signs of infection. if you should experience any of these go and see your doctor right away. if during the healing process that you become unsure or something doesn’t look right. you can stop in and see us but please remember we are artists not medical professionals and can only give you our opinion.

Should I tip?

In the short answer YES. If your are happy with what you got then by all means show it.Gratuity just like in any other business where a professional is providing exceptional service a gratuity is recommended. A tattoo artist puts their time and talent into creating intricate artwork on your body. The standard gratuity for your artist is 20% of the cost of your session. We value all of our clients, it’s because of you that we can do what we love for a living.

Refund Policy!

All sales at The Ink Gallery are final. As much as we would like to take our ink back. A tattoo is permanent body art and we can not remove it without using a chainsaw or other equipment that my insurance carrier will not allow us to operate in the shop. This also includes all clothing, art and tattoo care products.

Deposit Policy!

Deposits are non-refundable and we require 48 hour notice for all cancellations. We strive to make our customers number one but please realize that when booking an appointment we are turning away someone else for that time slot. Deposits are required for all bookings and will be forfeited if your cancellation is made after the 48 hour requirement. A new deposit will be necessary for your new appointment. We do understand that life does have challenges and will work with you if the proper notice is given.

Is there an minimum age?

No one under 18 years of age allowed and valid I.D. is required!!!!!! New York state law states no tattoo shop is allowed to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 regardless of parental consent.              NO ID…..NO INK….NO ART…..NO EXCEPTIONS…..

Due to insurance regulations we can not allow anyone under 18 years of age in the shop this includes the waiting area. We are sorry for any inconvenience

Do I have to pay tax?

New York state sales tax of 4.5% will be added to all purchases. This tax is not included in your quoted price and will be added on at the time of payment.

Do you fix bad tattoos?

Yes we fix cheap tats. Please understand we are professionals and not scratchers. When you come here you get quality and not some garbage your cousins boy charged 20$ for and does it in your mom’s basement. If that’s what you’re looking for, please feel free to find that else where. Yes we charge $150.00 an hour because we run a legitimate business and we have bills. We do the quality of work that comes with the price tag and for the ones that come in here and say this aint my first tattoo. Well my friend when you leave here with one of our pieces it will be your first good tattoo…

How Much do you charge?

Our session rates are $350.00 per sessions and are booked in 2.5 hour blocks. Single sitting pieces start at $100.00 and go up from there. Our custom hourly rate is $150.00 per hour.

Please under stand that we do not do flash work and all of our pieces are done custom. With the nature of this and the different sizes and pain tolerance of people it is impossible to give price quotes out via email and over the phone. We physically need to see the canvas we are working with, so you will need to come into the shop for all quotes. Besides no matter where you get your work done it’s always a good idea to meet the artist and see the shop before you start talking prices.

Prices do not include sales tax…

What are your hours and do you take walk-ins?

We are open: Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday 12pm-8pm
We are closed: Wednesdays and Sundays
Walk-ins are welcomed by availability if we are booked for that day we can talk and see what you are looking for and set you up with an appointment.

Still have questions?

After reading all of the information provided above and still need more help. Do not fret just drop us a like and one of us will be in contact with in 24 to 48 hours.

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