Yosh's inked medusa vs another medusa

Hello All Jay here.

Being the manager of the shop I deal with a lot of the first time customers coming in and I’m always asked the same question. Why should I give you my money? Well basically my answer is always the same look at my artists work and then go look at some other places and I’ll see you in a week or so to either give you your first piece or talk about covering someone’s fuck up. The tattoo industry has changed a lot over the past years. It has become let’s say more mainstream. That is a good and a bad thing all rolled up into one and I’ll explain why.

Let’s look at the benefits:

  1. It allows our art to get out there more.

  2. Modern society has become more accepting of tattooed people in general and we aren’t looked at as delinquents anymore.

  3. It allows our business to remain open and for us to actually have a job we love to come to every day.

  4. It allows true artist to home their craft and continue growing in skill and technique.

Now let’s look at the down sides:

  1. Ink virgins watch TV and see this 15 hour piece being done in an hour and wonder why we can’t do that. I then have to explain the TV magic thing to them and tell them it’s just like CSI cops don’t really do what’s on that TV show.

  2. Modern society has become more accepting of tattooed people in general and we aren’t looked at as delinquents anymore. AHHHH but I just said that was a good thing… Now here is the kicker. Some people who wouldn’t want to get inked just because they didn’t want to be an outcast just wanted to get inked to be cool. They just want something anything doesn’t matter what it is or where it goes it’s just something to say hey I fit in now. A tattoo is an intimate doorway into your soul. It should be meaningful and tell the world something about you. It doesn’t have to shout it but when you look at it you can say yea I regret nothing this is me and I love it.

  3. People are buying kits off eBay and calling themselves artists. This is the problem when things become to mainstream, people see it a fast way to make money and say hey I can draw stick figures I can do tattoos. This is where a lot of the issues come in. People say well my boy can do it for 40 bucks in my kitchen. My response is always be my guest and good luck with that and hopefully you won’t get a disease. Always do research about your artist and where they work. I have seen shops pop up lately not far from us in buildings I wouldn’t sleep in if I was homeless let alone have a guy stab me with needles for an hour straight.

  4. People know everything about tattooing because they watch TV. People come in and want tattoos that just don’t fit their body or the placement they want will just look awful. Yes our job is to give you the masterpiece you are paying for but that’s only one part of it. The rest of our job is to make sure it’s going in the right spot on your body and will look natural and symmetrical to your body shape. Just because it looks good somewhere on me doesn’t mean it will look good in same spot on you and vise-verse that’s what makes us unique.

So remember no matter what shop or artists you choose do your homework. Always try going custom and never do flash art. Not that I’m saying flash art is bad but you don’t want to be chilling at the beach and see 4 other people with the same tat as you do. Always choose a licensed artist and shop. If we stop giving money to the uneducated and skilled scratchers they will eventually move onto something else.

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